Sunday, May 18, 2008

I went to the waterfall

I Went to the Waterfall

In new uoi I was went to the waterfall .To got waterfall I went with school bus And then I walk to got the waterfall.
When I was walked I’m the first and I almost fell because I didn’t saw if there is a hole .And I like to walked because it mad me had sweat so my weight came down and I happy can walked with my friends.
When I was walked I saw an eagle flew to the air freely and I saw so many mountain with clean air so wonderful view in there.
And when I arrive in the waterfall I’m happy it’s amazing because the water is clean and with water sprinkling, always flows down. And I photo with my friends and played in the waterfall. After I played and changed my cloths we had lunch than ask question about the waterfall to the caretaker of water fall and after that we walked again to go to the bus is so long and we are so tired because the way more far than before. When we arrived we stay in bus for a minute then from up there is guy than say bad word to us.

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