Friday, November 23, 2007



screw is something a matter that we we need to assemble the machine . if we don't have screw we couldn't assemblethe iron piece with another in a machine :and then we can't make a good machine,tide,strong,and savety.

a screw is one of the six simple machine.a simple screw is a helical inclined.a screw can convert a rotational force {torque} to a linear force and vice versa. more threading increases the mechanical advantage .a rough comparison of mechanical advantage.a rough comparison of mechanical advantage can be done by taking the circumference of the shaft of the screw and divide by the distance between the threads.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

what's go kart

Go Kart

go kart is simple masine go kart look like car but this small and the masin very simple better than car and the body is small.many people can make go kart because the masine very simple.

if we want to make go kart ,we must have this first:

especially screw.

UOI Reflection

Uoi reflection

I like this lessons and this very unique.From UOI I can make any think if I adult letter ,I can make: go kart and many simple masine.So I must have many think.

Monday, November 5, 2007

reflection uoi

My Uoi Reflection About Field Trip

moment I field trip, I go to istiqlal mosque and chaterdal church.In this place we learn about religion and we can know the Muslim and khatolic.And I like we can know about other religion,not only we religion.So fun but tired.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The chatedral church

in the chaterdal church,there are unique building because every church chaterdal always cross,ya because cross is symbol from khatolic. in the chaterdal have statue show hell and haven .In the hell there ere monster.We can go to hell if we like lay,bad,and not nice with parents or other people.If we past away we can't choose were you want heaven or hell because have keep en the door of heaven and the door of hell.the name of keep en heaven and hell is heaven : Peterus hell:Lucifer.

mosque istiqlal

in the istiqlal mosque, there are place for devotion. this mosque is build because for celebrate independence Indonesia.symbol of Muslim is star and moon.and in the this mosque there are the big es the this mosque have schedule if many people.if lebaran,idul fitri,and idul ad ha or day of celebration at the end of fasting the this schedule the mosque can full.the total of the mousque is ten hectare.