Sunday, February 24, 2013

Response after watching “Sometimes in April” movie

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Response after watching “Sometimes in April” movie
I've watched a movie called "Sometimes in April", it was about the Rwandan massacre. After I watched it, I wondered who the biggest killer was in the 20th century, as in who killed people at the highest speed. Turns out it was Stalin, who killed 7 million through forced starvation in Ukraine, 1933. Rwanda was in second place, with 800,000 deaths in 3 months. On the other hand, Rwanda seemed worse as each day turned ordinary citizens into bloodthirsty killers, quite literally overnight.
To me this was a great movie, especially because it relates to the human rights which could also help us to understand better about humanity.  In this movie I’ve seen Christians and Catholics who protected Tutsis. The scene that impressed me the most was when the Catholic schoolgirls all chose to die rather than betray their Tutsi friends. 
However, the civil war between Hutu and Tutsi involved many violations of the human rights that were denied as if it were pointless. First of all it was about the “right to life” as people were born equally. Rwandans were being discriminative based on their races. Especially for the community, who didn’t know anything about what was going on outside their world.  Even so, at that time Hutus or more precisely those involved with the Hutus extremists killed approximately 800.000 Rwandans.  This is actually a great movie to be shown to students because it helps us learn about human rights and obviously the genocide that violated human rights. Therefore, I’m sure that we understand how human rights have meaning and it does not exist when genocide is happening. This is sorrow, when you have really imagined and thought about people that are dead and struck by genocide. In the meanwhile you were really conscious and you noticed how most of the human rights were violated as these rights are believed to be justifiable to all people.  
The Tutsi community was just killed because of their races, and it violated the human right “don’t discriminate”. Although the common victims were Tutsis, the people who resisted Hutu extremists also got killed. (That was because several Tutsis had a grudge and wanted revenge, then killed them because Tutsi families got killed). Well, that was absolutely the Hutu extremists fault because they killed and slaughtered the Tutsi community that do not know anything. Hutu extremists also influenced other Hutus to kill, and these people have guns and sort of like swords. Tutsis can’t even say a word because when they do, they directly got shot and died in less than a second. Moreover, the worst part is when the Tutsi women were raped. 
So that was moral humanity, what people consider to violate moral laws, people regard as inhumane. In the case of a power struggle, many often trigger war. The reason why people find power so appealing is because it is not just a position, it is also about the influence. 

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coral reef ...

In Indonesia that surrounding by seas, we can find so many areas that have corals reef. There are some of kind beautiful places to visit in Indonesia like in Bali, Laut Banda in east area Indonesia. Now days the corral reef in Indonesia the damaged an it make the amount of the coral in Indonesia is decreasing for example in karang lestari,pemutaran bali .President Megawati Sukarno Putri said at the International Coral Reef Symposium in October 2000 in Bali that around 94% of Indonesia's coral reefs were already severely damaged. The large-scale destruction of coral habitat has made recovery of fish populations impossible until damaged coral reef areas are restored. Recent work in Pemuteran, Bali has shown that coral reefs can be quickly restored and fish populations greatly increased using new methods that speed up the growth of corals, oysters, abalone, and clams, and create new habitat for fishes, crabs, octopus and other forms of sea life (http:global

Coral reef can damaged because ;precipitation in sea, catching the fish with improperly ways, garbage, earthquake,sea animal that called Bulu seribu. The cause of natural disaster like earthquake, we can not prevent it but cause of human we can handle. Some organizations focus to help coral reef in Indonesia like Yayasan Terangi in Indonesia. Yayasan Terangi suggest ssome ways to help our coral reefs. We can help our coral also by not buy or collect the souvenir that made from coral reef, not touch or take the coral reef when diving, diver has to becareful with their spin or their tube that can touch and break the coral reef, not catch the fish with poison and we can give support by join organization that focus to help seas environtment.

see also:'s%20Coral%20Reef%20Fisheries.htm

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I went to the waterfall

I Went to the Waterfall

In new uoi I was went to the waterfall .To got waterfall I went with school bus And then I walk to got the waterfall.
When I was walked I’m the first and I almost fell because I didn’t saw if there is a hole .And I like to walked because it mad me had sweat so my weight came down and I happy can walked with my friends.
When I was walked I saw an eagle flew to the air freely and I saw so many mountain with clean air so wonderful view in there.
And when I arrive in the waterfall I’m happy it’s amazing because the water is clean and with water sprinkling, always flows down. And I photo with my friends and played in the waterfall. After I played and changed my cloths we had lunch than ask question about the waterfall to the caretaker of water fall and after that we walked again to go to the bus is so long and we are so tired because the way more far than before. When we arrived we stay in bus for a minute then from up there is guy than say bad word to us.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Dream World

Government Structure

Government system: Kingdom
Laws: Decided by queen and her advisor
Currency: Landmark
D” motto: always bright, God always protect, God look at us, life in peace, harmony and always wonderful.
National anthem : Go Marchénland …

My National Anthem Go Marchenland...

We are a strong country
We do the best one
We will protect our country
We always do above

Go ahead
Go forward
Go ahead
Go forward

Go along for Marchéland
Go all out
We always in god’s hand
Go we never give up for reaching the best

For you Marchénland ……

My Motto

The meaning of this motto is:
Always bright, God always protect, God look at us, life in peace, harmony and always.

My flag

My Flag.
The cross mean : we always believe in God
The tree mean:clean air and we have a tropic air
The bowl mean:we always harmony
The rubbbish bean mean:we have clean place
Red color mean: brave
My Tourism Place

There is white sea sand ,clean water of the sea , you can see sunset , you can see beautiful night sky with star and moon in wharf ,you can see many beautiful and various fish from wharf, and you can inhale clean air. There is village and first view is the wonderful beach . And you can fishing and you can get fresh fish .See many kind of fish, bird, and shellfish That you can’t see that kind animal in some where.
In here you can see mountain view, sunset, clean air with cold air and you can go to warm village in here. You can play {arung jeram} with a clean water.
In here you can found calm animal although that animal look like wild. You can take photo whit it ,can play, give food ,you can touch it ,even with snack ,lion, beer, tiger, and gorilla. And in this jungle you can dangle like Tarzan for that we not only prepare the rope but we have a think that make you safety the name is flying fox.

Natural resources renewable
Natural resources non renewable

The Laws in Marchénland

If you kill somebody you go to jail for all of your life.
No smoking in Marchélnand .
If you d0n’t put your trash in the trash bin you must pay 500.000 Landmark.
Police must be in somewhere if there is no police you can report to police office.
If you falsify money you must pay 1 billion and in jail for 1 month. If you can’t pay you must in jail for 1 year 6 month.
If you have more than 3 children you must put your child in orphanage.
Every one must go to school because the government prepare school for free.
Every poor people will get money 20.000 Landmark every moth but also must work.
If you violate traffic you pay 100.000 Landmark.
If you Coruption you must go to jail untill you promise that you didn't do that again but maximal 6 month.


Why my country Should Be A Member Of UN

Marchenland can take apart to make the world .if something happened with our country like natural disaster, wars or other problem, the United Nations will help us.
And the human right of a people in each country will be fight. And the other side likes economic, health. The other side our country will be develop also .so Marchenland should be member of UN because in this country the goverment and the queen care to our country.

About UN

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are to facilitate cooperation law, international security, economic development, social progress and human right, issued.
The member of UN almost every country in the world
Now the secretary -general of UN is Ban ki –moon, from Korea. The 8th secretary -general .Un was founder in 1995.UN have head quarter in New York city. With the UN system agency. UN do their aim like with, for health unicef for children and etc.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My Holiday In Bandung

In Bandung I was happy because in there I can did many-many thing.In there I can shopping ,play with with my cousin swim every day In Bandung I stay in hotel Aston Tropicana.I so had fun In Bandung ,but in Bandung there is earthquake first it's like someone fell down 2 time.I went to Bandung with my family,with : uncle,auntie,grandma,2 cousin ,me and nanny.

I went to Bandung with a car when I on the way to Bandung I saw crazy people without cloth.